#53 - Stone Soup by Marcia Brown

Summary: Three soldiers trudged down a road in a strange country on their way home from the wars. Besides being tired, they were hungry. The peasants hid all they had to eat, worried that they didn't have enough food to share. The soldiers then offered to make the people a rich man's soup from three simple stones.  But of course, stone soup tastes better with a carrot or two... The curious peasants began to offer ingredients for this strange dish. Together, they did indeed make a very delicious "stone soup."    

Suggested Activity:  Soup Cracker Math

Give children a bowl filled with soup crackers in a variety of shapes: goldfish, oyster, square, and oval. Place paper plates out for each type of cracker on the table. Have children work together to sort the crackers onto each plate. Afterward, children can pass the plates around and choose crackers to eat with their soup.

Curriculum Area: Logical Thinking (classifies objects, uses one-to-one correspondence)

Appropriate Age Group
: 3 and up