#25 - The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola

Summary: Young Tommy could hardly wait for his very first art lesson. But when the day finally arrives, he is horrified when his art teacher asks the entire class to copy her drawings."Copy, COPY? Tommy knew that real artists didn't copy."  In this autobiography, lively Tommy ends up teaching the adults what art is all about.

Suggested Activity:  Splotch Painting

The child "spills" some paint onto his or her paper. Watch as the puddle of paint forms an organic or free form shape. Children can tilt the paper in different directions to spread the spill if they like. Allow the organic shape to dry. The child can use his or her imagination to turn the shape into a picture or design.

Curriculum Area: Fine Motor Skills (controls small muscles in hands, coordinates eye-hand movement, uses tools for writing and drawing)

Appropriate Age Group
: 4 and up