#28 - My Snake Blake by Randy Siegel

Summary: Blake the snake is a little boy’s perfect friend right out of the birthday-present box. He calms the boy’s alarmed mother by spelling out the word "relax" with his body. 

Blake answers all of the boys tough homework answers, eats his Brussels sprouts, and hisses at the school bully.  The boy knows that dogs, cats, and horses will always be the most popular pets but, he's lucky to have his spectacular snake Blake.

Suggested Activity: Snake Tag

Select one child to be the snake. In the fashion of tag, have the child tag another child. The second child then joins hands with the first. Together the snake now tries to tag a third child, who, in turn, joins the snake. The game continues until all the children are part of the snake. 

Curriculum Area: Gross Motor Skills (demonstrates basic locomotor skills, shows balance while moving)

Appropriate Age Group: 3 and up