#43 - Come on Rain by Karen Hesse

Summary: The detailed prose poem of Come on Rain deftly captures the magic of a sudden rainstorm on a sweltering hot day in the city. Tessie and her mother are waiting impatiently for the rain and when it does come they dance with their friends and neighbors,"tromping through puddles, romping and reeling in the moisty green air." 

Suggested Activity: Rainstorm Rhythm

Sit in a circle with eyes closed. A leader begins by rubbing hand palms together. Person to the right picks it up until the whole group is participating. Then the teacher switches to hand claps and that moves around the circle. Next is thigh slaps, then foot stomps, with periodical "claps" of lightning. Reverse the order to show the storm dying out. 

Curriculum Area
: Representation and Symbolic Thinking (takes on pretend roles and situations)

Appropriate Age Group: 5 and up