#20 - Wait Till the Moon is Full by Margaret Wise Brown

Summary: There was once a little raccoon who wanted to go out in the night -- to know an owl, to see if the moon is a rabbit, and to find out how dark is the dark. But his mother said, "Wait. Wait till the moon is full." 

So the little raccoon waited and wondered, while the moon got bigger and bigger and bigger. Until at last, on a very special evening, the moon was full.

Suggested Activity: Observing the Moon

Read this story aloud on the first day of a new moon. Explain what time between new moons marks the time it takes the moon to make one revolution around the earth. Have students make a calender grid on a large chart paper and mark the current date with "New Moon."

Tell the children that each day one person will take the moon calender home in a poster tube. The child whose turn it is to take the calender home should go outside with an adult and observe the moon and then make a drawing on the calender of how the moon looks.

Curriculum Area: Learning and Problem Solving (observes objects and events with curiosity, explores cause and effect, applies knowledge or experience to a new context) 

Appropriate Age Group: 5 and up