#12 - The Other Dog by Madeleine L'Engle

Summary:  Touché the family poodle is dismayed when her mistress brings an odd sort of dog home to live with them. The new pooch is of an inferior breed called "baby." Jo-dog has neither fur nor a tail! Touché notices a great number of mysterious and horrifying things. "When I am taken out to get some fresh air I always have to walk even when it rains. The Jo is taken out in a carriage, and when it rains she doesn't have to go out at all!" Touché, in spite of everything, becomes very fond of the other dog. She admits, at the end of this charming tale (tail), that in every home there should be at least two dogs!

Suggested Activity: Pet the Puppy

"Pet the Puppy" helps preschoolers learn to pet a dog safely. The only material needed for this activity is a cute and squishy stuffed animal. How does one correctly pet a dog? Firstly, ask the owner's permission. If given the green light, approach the dog slowly. Hold your hand out, palm down, and let the dog sniff you. Let the dog decide how close he wants to get. Many dogs love attention, but the first few moments of every new meeting is critical. A correct approach will likely have the new dog sidling in closer for hugs and kisses. 

Curriculum Area: Representation and Symbolic Thinking (takes on pretend roles and situations) 

Appropriate Age Group: 3 and up