#39 - If You Were a Bear by Rachel Mazur

Summary: Can you imagine having paws instead of hands or eating ants and acorns?  It must be really different to be a bear! Or is it? Little bear cubs need food, shelter, and safety, just like you and me. This book explores what it's really like to be a bear and how we can help protect them.

Suggested Activity:  I Can Wiggle My Bear Claws

I can wiggle my bear claws, (wiggle hands)
I can wiggle my bear paws, (wiggle feet)
I can wiggle my bear shoulders,(wiggle shoulders)
I can wiggle my cold bear nose. (wiggle nose with finger)
Now all my wiggles are out of me, (wiggle whole body)
And I can sit as quiet as can be. (sit down)

Curriculum Area: Listening and Speaking (hears and discriminates the sounds of language, expresses self using words and expanded language)
Appropriate Age Group
: 3 and up