#36 - Lines That Wiggle by Candace Whitman

Summary:   Lines That Wiggle is a rollicking rhyming story about "lines that tickle, lines that sprout, bugs have lines that stick right out."Follow the glittery line that runs through this picture book and turns itself into all kinds of things: the waves above an octopus, the veins in a leaf, the wrappings curling around a mummy, and the trapping threads of a spiderweb.

Suggested Activity: String Painting

You will need two pieces of white drawing paper for each child, tempera paint in bowls, and 12 inch lengths of string (at least three per child). Hold one end and dip string into paint. Lay string on paper to create a design. Redip and repeat, or use a new string and a new color. For a print design, press a second sheet of paper on top of the string design and lightly press.

Curriculum Area: Fine Motor Skills (controls small muscles in hands, coordinates eye-hand movement, uses tools for writing and drawing)

Appropriate Age Group
: 4 and up