#40 - Ballerina Swan by Allegra Kent

Summary:  Sophie the swan sits in her city pond, gazing longingly through the windows of a dance studio. She dreams of becoming a ballerina. The hard work begins when the dance instructor Miss Willow invites her to join the class. Sophie’s gawky webbed feet won’t turn out. Her wings won’t align into graceful ports de bras. But Sophie practices, practices, practices, and soon she’s invited to audition for — what else? — Swan Lake!

Suggested Activity: Feather Dance
Give each child a colorful feather to dance with. While the music is playing, encourage children to keep the feather up in the air by blowing it. You can listen and dance to  Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake here.

Curriculum Area: Gross Motor Skills (shows balance while moving, demonstrates basic locomotor skills)

Appropriate Age Group: 4 and up