#73 - The Little Black Truck by Libba Moore Grey

The Little Black Truck chronicles the seasonal activities of a '40s-style truck: rolling past the schoolhouse; carrying a load of ripe pumpkins; bringing a Christmas tree home to be decorated. After years of use, The Little Black Truck finally wears out and is towed away. As it deteriorates, birds use string from its seats to build nests and rabbits live under it. Many years later, a young man finds it and, thinking that it looks like his grandfather's pickup, rebuilds and refurbishes it.  

Suggested Activity: Transportation Feely Box

Put transportation toys in a feely box. Include cars, trucks, and busus. Individually, let the children feel inside the box and identify the type of toy.

Curriculum Area: Learning and Problem Solving (observes objects and events with curiosity, explores cause and effect)

Appropriate Age Group
: 3 and up