#64 - Banjo Granny by Sarah Martin Busse

Summary: Granny’s heart is set on seeing her new grandbaby Owen who is wiggly, jiggly, and all-around giggly for bluegrass music just like she is. Granny packs up her banjo in its trusty old case with the taped handle. She puts on her thousand mile shoes and starts out to cross one river, one mountain, and one desert towards Owen's house. When she gets there she strums and sings her Owen-song from the first round note to the last little trill.   

Suggested Activity: Rubber-Band Banjo

Use the bottom half of a shoe box, an empty box of tissues, or other available box or container. Stretch four or five rubber bands of different widths over the opening of the box. Pluck and listen. Using both hands, see how many different notes you can make on one rubber band? What is the highest note you can make on the Rubber-Band Banjo? What is the lowest?

Curriculum Area: Fine Motor Skills (controls small muscles in hands, coordinates eye-hand movement, uses tools for writing and drawing)

Appropriate Age Group
: 4 and up