#67 - A Chair for my Mother by Vera B. Williams

Summary After a fire turned their home and possessions into charcoal and ash, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save and save until they can afford to buy a wonderful, beautiful, fat, soft armchair. Into a glass jar, goes all Mama's change from tips and the money Grandma saves whenever she gets a bargain at the market. Then the jar is full; the coins are rolled in paper wrappers, and exchanged for bills; and "Mama and Grandma and I go shopping for the chair!"

Suggested Activity: Musical Friends

This is a terrific getting-to-know-you activity. Play a round of musical chairs that will help students learn one another’s names and interests. Place a photo of each child on the front of a chair back. (There’s no need to have one less chair in this noncompetitive version of the game.) Invite children to stand in a circle around the chair and start the music. When the music stops, children sit down on the nearest chair. Ask each child to identify whose photo is on his or her chair.  

Curriculum Area: Gross Motor Skills (demonstrates basic locomotor skills, shows balance while moving)

Appropriate Age Group: 3 and up