#128 - The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster

Summary: The window in Nanna and Poppy's kitchen is no ordinary window–it is the place where love and magic happens. It's where the girl and her doting grandparents watch stars, play games, and, most importantly, say hello and goodbye.  

Suggested Activity:
Many Languages

Ask children if they know any other ways of saying "hello," in English. Discuss phrases such as "howdy" and "what's up?" Explain that people in other parts of the world use other words that have the same meaning. Teach preschool students how to say hello in other languages such as "ciao," "bonjour," "buenos dias," "konichiwa" and "shalom."

Curriculum Area: Prosocial Behavior (shares and respects the rights of others)

Appropriate Age Group: 4 and up