#106 - The Magpies' Nest by Joanna Foster

Summary: In the springtime of the world, all the birds are wondering where to lay their eggs. Mother and Father Magpie carefully explain every step of nest-building, but one by one their impatient listeners decide they've heard enough and fly away . . . to build the amazing variety of nests we know today. This simple, deftly humorous retelling of a classic English folktale is illustrated with glorious watercolor paintings that accurately depict bird species, nests, and eggs.

Suggested Activity Cracked Eggs

Cut tag board egg shapes. Using scissors, cut the eggs in half making a jagged line. Record a numeral on one side of the egg and corresponding dots on the other side. The number of eggs prepared should reflect the child's developmental level.

Curriculum Area: Logical Thinking (uses numbers and counting)

Appropriate Age Group
: 5 and up