#126 - Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross

Summary: The Little Princess learns that if she doesn't wash her hands, the germs and nasties "can get into your food, and then into your tummy ... and then they make you ill." The little princess cheerfully accepts the reasoning behind hand-washing and does just that before eating a big slice of cake. 

Suggested Activity:  Hand-Washing Check

Have children wash their hands. Then take small pieces of cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol. Rub the back of each child's hand with the moistened cotton. Look at the dirt on the cotton and discuss what it means. 
Even when we think we've washed our hands thoroughly, there may still be dirt present. Remind children to sing "Happy Birthday" two times (10-15 seconds) to kill germs.

Curriculum Area: Sense of Self (takes responsibility for own well-being)

Appropriate Age Group
: 4 and up