#9 - Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

Summary: Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. But it's not easy being a Stick Man. A playful dog wants to play fetch with him. Children use him as a sword for a knight, a hook for a bag, as a bow, boomerang, and an arm for a snowman. Things go from bad to worse as Stick Man is carried farther and farther away from home. He is even collected as kindling and put into the grate of a fireplace! Lonely and lost, Stick Man desperately wants to get home to be with his family for Christmas. When he helps Santa Claus out of a bind, he finds the perfect ticket home!

Suggested Activity: Sand Table Fun with Sticks

Children have an affinity for sand play. Teachers and parents can build on that natural interest by providing children with interesting props (in this case "Stick Man"), asking appropriate questions, and scheduling enough time for children to work through their play ideas. Invite children to draw, write, poke, prod, dig, stir, and swirl the sand with their "Stick Man." 

Curriculum Area:  Fine Motor Skills (controls small muscles in hands, coordinates eye-hand movement) 

Appropriate Age Group: 3 and up    
stick man