#6 - Splat The Cat by Rob Scottson

Summary: Splat is a very worried cat. It's his first day of school and he frets that he won't make any new friends. Just in case, Splat brings along his pet mouse Seymour and hides him in his lunchbox. Mrs. Wimpledimple teaches the class that cats are supposed to chase mice. But what about Seymour?  

Suggested Activity: Make a Pet Graph

Even young preschoolers enjoy making simple graphs. It’s a fun way to introduce the concepts of counting, sorting, and comparisons of less and more. Make a simple graph representing all of the pets the children have at home. Does anyone have a pet mouse like Splat does?

Curriculum Area:  Logical Thinking (uses numbers and counting, compares/measures, classifies objects, uses one-to-one correspondence) 

Appropriate Age Group: 4 and up